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Arizona Debt Consolidation Attorney

Debt Consolidation is An Alternative to Bankruptcy

The idea of being in debt, or facing repossession or foreclosure, makes most people automatically assume that filing bankruptcy is the only way out. The truth is though, that there are bankruptcy alternatives, which can help people and businesses get out of debt, without the need to file Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13.

One option to consider is debt consolidation. An experienced Arizona bankruptcy lawyer can help with debt negotiation to make payments and terms more reasonable, giving debtors an opportunity to pay them off. Typically creditors are willing to agree to more manageable payment arrangements because they would rather recuperate some money of the money they are owed, than none.  

We Offer Debt Solutions to Help Our Clients Make Brighter Futures

Debt consolidation makes bringing accounts current and paying off debts easier because clients can make one monthly payment that gets disbursed to all of their creditors. It also can stop creditor abuse and harassment because regular payments are being made. When debt continues to mount at an overwhelming pace, but you are able to make some type of payment toward it, this is usually a viable solution to manage the debt.

At Price Law Group, our Arizona attorneys have helped over 100,000 families become debt free. We offer debt solution programs as well as bankruptcy representation and can guide you in the most appropriate direction, based on your budget and goals, to achieve the best possible outcome. If you or someone you know is in financial trouble that seems insurmountable, you can count on us to help get you through it while keeping your rights protected. Don't let your financial problems rule your life. Take control of your future now.

For information about bankruptcy alternatives, Contact an Arizona Debt Consolidation Lawyer from our firm now.

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