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Repossessions Cases in Arizona

Attorney fights Repossessions

A loss of income or unforeseen expenses can make it difficult for an individual to keep up with financial obligations.  Many people buy cars and equipment on a contract or lease agreement and make monthly payments to the lien holder until they pay the purchase in full.  Until full payment is completed, the seller retains ownership of the purchased item.  If the buyer or debtor falls behind on monthly payments, the seller or lien holder has the right to repossess the car or equipment.  If faced with repossessions it is important to contact an Arizona bankruptcy attorney for legal advice.  The Price Law Group is knowledgeable in the area of law concerning repossessions and helps many clients who face losing their cars or equipment. 

Repossessions and Credit

It is the legal right of a lien holder to repossess property in a peaceful manner.  Following repossession, the debtor has the right to redeem the property within ten days.  There are exact procedures and rules that a lien holder must following when repossessing items.  Depending on the payment agreement and how much of the purchase agreement has been fulfilled by the borrower that would determine the procedures lien holder would follow before selling the item.  In some instances, a public notice is required.  Other circumstances require publishing in a newspaper the sale of the item.  In some cases, a private sale is permitted.

When undergoing financial difficulties it is best to seek legal advice before getting to the point of repossessions by creditors.  Many people find debt relief from debt counseling that restructures debts and creates new and workable payment schedules.  Repossessions can have a negative impact on the credit score of a debtor.  An attorney can help fight back against repossessions by determining if it was conducted per the Arizona laws.  The skilled attorneys at the Price Law Group can help debtor clients with bankruptcy, which may discharge debts and release debtors from certain contracts and lease agreement.  Make an appointment today for a consultation to review documents and for legal guidance regarding repossessions.

Contact an Arizona Repossessions Lawyer for repossessions of cars or equipment.

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