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Arizona Short Sales

About Short Sales: Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our firm provides representation and counsel to Realtors®, brokers and homeowners throughout Arizona who are dealing with or considering short sale as an alternative to foreclosure. This complex process may present numerous difficulties to any broker/Realtor® or seller and may have serious financial repercussions if improperly handled. In fact, DRE, MLS boards and National Brokerages advise agents to involve lawyers in their short sale transactions because of the legal implications involved. With our legal knowledge and resources, the team at Price Law Group has the ability to guide you or your seller through the process in a swift and effective manner. We protect the homeowner's interests and handle any issues that do arise in order to best accelerate the process. A short sale may be just the answer to avoid foreclosure, but this process must be handled properly if it is to work. That is why we recommend that you talk to a short sale attorney at our offices at your earliest convenience.    

A short sale is an option that often resolves serious financial difficulties when a mortgage problem has spiraled out of control. When you cannot afford your mortgage and are threatened with foreclosure, this type of sale is a possibility that could bring the matter to a close without serious damage. The sale of the home through a short sale must be carefully managed by an Arizona bankruptcy attorney from Price Law Group as there are certain pitfalls that you need to avoid.  This includes failing to ensure that you are not later asked to pay the "shortfall" between the mortgaged amount and the actual sale price.

Can a Short Sale Help You?

When you have purchased a home in good faith, as many did during the sub-prime mortgage "boom", and later found out that you were not able to afford the payments when it came time to refinance, the problem can be very serious.  If you are threatened with foreclosure, it is important that you have all your mortgage documents evaluated by our legal team, as a foreclosure defense may be possible. Other cases can be resolved through a loan modification. Your specific case should be evaluated before the foreclosure proceeds any further.

A short sale is arranged through the lender(s) and buyer for less than the mortgaged amount. The documents involved must fully release you from any further obligations. Having a skilled lawyer from our firm negotiate on your behalf in this process is extremely important, as if you are going to sacrifice the property, you want to be free of all further obligations.  Some who have not had an attorney managing this process have later discovered that they still owe tens of thousands of dollars - or even more - because they failed to ensure that their obligations were fully discharged in the process of a short sale. We can help.

Contact an Arizona Short Sale Attorney from our firm to discuss how we can help. If you are a Realtor®, you can download our Short Sale Packet* to get started.

*Required to begin work on a listing.   

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