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Arizona Wage Garnishment Information

Wage Garnishment Lawyer

The Internal Revenue Service and other governmental agencies have the right to collect payments directly from paychecks without going through the court system.  Certain types of debts are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  An agency will notify the debtor of the intent to levy the accounts of the debtor and the debtor can correct the situation within a certain amount of time.  If not satisfied, the agency can legally move forward and garnish wages to ensure they receive their due payments.  The Price Law Group helps debtors with all types of debts including those subject to wage garnishments.  For competent legal advice regarding wage garnishments, contact an Arizona bankruptcy attorney who can help with the financial situation.   

Debts Subject to Wage Garnishment

Individuals with financial problems may declare bankruptcy or seek other debt resolution programs as a solution to their difficulties.  There are some debts not protected by bankruptcy and can include:

  • Child support payments following a divorce
  • Taxes owed for personal and business
  • Unpaid court fines for traffic violations or infractions
  • Student loans that default

It is important to speak with an attorney when having financial problems because the legal advice can make a difference in how to approach certain situations.  In the case of back child support, a revised marital settlement agreement approved by the courts may help avoid wage garnishment.  The IRS and state agencies usually work with taxpayers to set up installment agreements that involve regular payments to avoid liens resulting wage garnishment.  Unpaid court fines can lead to bench warrants in addition to wage garnishments.  There are many programs available to students strapped with student loan payments.  The government allows student loan deferments or low interest repayment loans. 

There are many alternatives available to debtors especially during hard economic times.  Individuals should take advantage of different programs available before allowing a problem situation to result in the drastic action of wage garnishment.  The agency action can have an adverse affect on the credit of a debtor.  For information on debt relief and avoidance of wage garnishment, make an appointment today with one of the qualified lawyers with the Price Law Group.

Contact an Arizona Wage Garnishment Lawyer for real legal help if faced with wage garnishment.

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